About us

Charmed is a children's shop located in the heart of Bushwick Brooklyn. The first of it's kind to come into Bushwick. We are a team of childhood friends and Bushwick Natives, Elizabeth and Mellisa. Elizabeth is a mother of six and Mellisa is a mother of two.

Together, we hand select brands that are organically and ethically made. We love brands that are classic, clean, fun and trendy. When choosing brands for Charmed we keep in mind a baby's growth, a toddlers movement and still aim to be aesthetically pleasing to mom.

We also carry clothing that are unique, handmade and limited edition. There is something sweet about pieces made with special attention and love.

Additionally, with four seasons in New York City, it's important to have multi-functional pieces. Pieces that can help in the transition of one season to another by adding or removing layers. These are our favorites, it's what we call an "investment piece".

We are also huge fans of gender neutral clothing. When you purchase gender neutral pieces, after use, they can easily be stored for another baby. This makes for smart shopping and adds a sentimental value. 

Because we are mothers, we understand the need to choose only the best for your child(ren). We curate our shop with pieces that we would put on our own children. Our belief is, if it's not good enough for our children, its not good enough for our Bushwick kids.

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