Halloween In Style

Well, if you're reading this it's because you love Halloween and because you love Halloween it MUST mean you are Super Awesome. You are Super Awesome because Halloween is the absolute BEST holiday ( yes it's a holiday) ever!
Halloween brings out the creativity and imagination in both children and adults everywhere and let's face it, this world needs more imagination and creativity. It's the one day where you can be whatever you want to be ( or in my children's case, whatever Mommy wants them to be!) It's a chance to live in a fantasy world and actually have other people willingly be apart of it. I mean life can't get any better than that!
Here at Charmed we encourage imagination and of course, style! So we've gone ahead and put together costumes who have both. The best part is that these costumes can be used even after all the Halloween candy mysteriously disappears too!
Bwa ha ha ha ha
This Wednesday Addams inspired romper from Little Ladies Boutique
is perfect for Halloween and also as everyday wear even after Halloween just pair with some tights and a pair of boots!
(available at Charmed in sizes 18-24 months and 2T)
Harry Potter Anyone?
(also available at Charmed)
Can you guess what this could be? 
Hint: The sun will come out tomorrow!
 ( yes you guessed it, available at Charmed)
This is just one stylish way to style after Halloween!
Fairy Skirts!
Trust me you will not be able to get this one off of any little princess
( available in sizes 1/2, 2/3 and 4/5)
"Bear-y" Cute and warm!
(available in assorted styles and sizes 0/3 mon, 3/6 mon, 6/12 mon, 12/18 mon)
So so head on over to the shop and grab yours.
Happy Shopping Charmed ones!

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